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It failed and the huge staff that created it were dispersed, but the mail item WLM was such a success, it keeps dragging Microsoft along. They screwed up that part in the version. If you do use groups, you want the version. When you download this, at one point it will ask you which components of Windows Live Essentials you want to install.

Uncheck all but the Mail component. When you start WLM for the first time, it will search for importable contacts, mail accounts and mail and automatically import it all. So have your backed-up message store and contact files on the computer before you start WLM. WLM is a very problematic product for Microsoft and many others. In fact, Gmail has recently caused a problem by tagging WLM as a less than secure one. You need to lower the security level on your Gmail account to get it to export to WLM.

Several of the links have become obsolete, so it is necessary to become member of the forum to use the files attached to this post. Some Windows 7 updates either stop WinMail working or they won't install.

Being a hybrid app it won't perform all the operations of WinMail in Vista. Please note: This procedure should work even with another email client installed.

However, in some environments Windows Live Mail has caused conflicts, and had to be uninstalled. If you're using a 64 bit version of Win7: It will be necessary to import the 64bit Vista Windows Mail file "msoe. And it must be pasted into the Windows Mail folder in the normal 64bit Program Files.

Footnote 3 - at bottom of page: Download and run: It is critical to do this before carrying out step 3. Remove WinMail. In some environements this run command will not work, and it will be necessary to manually make hidden files visible.

See "Footnote 1" below. Open the "Windows Mail" folder in Program files, and take full control of the file "msoe. It includes a 2nd file, "Remove Take Ownership", if needed. Take Ownership. Download and save the appropriate Vista Windows Mail "msoe. If it will not allow the paste, take full control of the Win7 "msoe.

Right click: If email. To enable Windows Calendar in Windows Mail. Import Windows Calendar as per the following post here.

This article provides a guide to installing Windows Live Mail on a newly installed Windows 7 computer, which by default has no mail client installed. Apr 22, - Last edited 6/7/ I am unable to access my e-mail using Windows Live Mail I keep getting the following error message: "The server has. INF install and enable the application Windows Calendar and enable the application Windows Mail on Microsoft Windows 7, using (some of their) files from.

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The Windows Live Mail version numbering starts at 12 because this application is an advancement of Windows Mail, not an entirely new application. Windows Live Mail is developed by the same team that wrote Windows Mail. Windows Live Mail has all of the features of Windows Mail. It also adds the following new features: Support for Web-based email accounts including Hotmail , Gmail , and Yahoo! Mail Plus.


How to enable Windows Mail on windows 7 and windows 8.1

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