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visual studio 2015 versions comparison

After you enter your search query, it will show a dropdown of all the occurrences found. The search output now has syntax colouring and splits all the information into their respective columns. These columns can be customized so you only see what you want in the output. Looking at this comparison of VS to VS you can easily see the change in readability: Visual Studio Smarter auto-complete Adjustments to the IntelliSense autocomplete means no more scrolling through a massive list of possible recommendations.

Instead it will jump straight to the most likely option. It can now also tell the difference between capital case and lower case to make using shorthand autocomplete searches even shorter. The new exception helper The new version of Visual Studio also includes a new simplified, non-modal, exception helper.

This is to help make finding out why exceptions are causing issues in your code easier. You can use this helper to easily view your exception information at glance with instant access to inner exceptions. Using the new exception helper, you can now exclude breaking on exception types thrown from specific modules.

Click here to read more about the benefits of the new exception helper. Do you have any thoughts on the new Visual Studio? Let us know in the comments below! Take a free 14 day trial here , or book a short demo with our team. Performance Matters The best software performance articles from around the web delivered to your inbox each week. Your information is safe with us. Read our privacy policy. A tester finds a bug in the test environment.

The tester reproduces the bug with IntelliTrace collection enabled, and the bug raised then includes the IntelliTest log file. That log file includes the calls and events from the test environment.

The developer opens the bug and the IntellITrace log file in Visual Studio Enterprise, and can view the exceptions raised, and for each of those exceptions see the stack trace. The developer can choose to debug any of those exceptions, in which case Visual Studio will go into debug mode with the execution halted at the line of code that threw the chosen exception. The developer can then step both forward and backwards through the source code to understand what happened.

IntelliTrace allows the developer to debug as if attached for debug, even though this takes place later and on a different environment. This requires. NET 2. The UML tools provide support for a range of diagram types such as Class, Sequence, Activity, Use Case and Component diagrams, and allows both forward and reverse engineering.

These differ from the UML tools in being fundamentally related to the underlying source code. Code Maps allows you to understand and explore your source code visually. Why is that useful? It allows you to build your understanding of the relationships between different aspects of your code without needing to read the source.

Visual Studio 2015 Versions Comparison

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Visual Studio RC review: This has given me a chance to install it for myself and take a deeper look at what is coming for this Visual Studio RC review. Note from Microsoft: In particular, because the. These three workloads should not be relied on in a production environment at this stage. After accepting this you then proceed to something new, the component selection step.

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