Visio Standard Vs Visio Professional

visio standard vs visio professional

Visio is software launched my Microsoft that is helping people all over the world do this, but then again, there is more than one version of it and in some cases the standard version might be enough while in others, the professional version might be required. As expected, the main difference between these two is the price and some features included in them. We will be covering the differences between these two in this article.

I was looking for a table that described the differences (preferably detailed) of Visio Standard vs Professional. There only appear to beĀ  Visio Standard vs professional. Although both versions have the ability to create complex diagrams and are shipped with many templates including flowcharts, organization charts, Gantt charts and so on, the Professional version also ships with extra templates and stencils. Both versions can convert raw data into diagrams. Microsoft Visio (formerly Microsoft Office Visio) is a diagramming and vector graphics application The Standard and Professional editions share the same interface, but the Professional edition has additional templates for more Visio Professional is also offered as an additional component of an Office subscription.


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