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Quotes From Members We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said: Pros It's a complete software that can protect all the main applications. Perhaps that's the feature I like most. The integration with the NetApp and other apps is also very nice. It's very stable. We are using a KVM system in our cloud, and this solution works very well with it. It's the leader in backup and archiving.

It is much more scalable and flexible than everything else in the market. Global deduplication and the indexing of the data object are the most valuable features.

It saves costs on the product side by doing compression and deduplication. It will help you and make your life easy to reach the data that you need within the minimum downtime when it's required. It's an enterprise product. It's a stable product. We have good support. Almost all databases are in the scope.

The beauty of the solution is that you can rely on it. It offers a quick recovery time when it's backing up items. The way it recovers data is excellent. This solution has a very good technical support department that is very responsive. Veritas is simple and easy to deploy. In terms of the presentation and UI, they do their job well. I have not seen another backup solution as scalable as this one.

The solution is very scalable. Whenever we grew, it was just a matter of adding new licenses, so it's easy to grow. The interface for this solution is excellent, and it is easy to restore files compared to other solutions. The interface, dashboard, and pricing are all perfect. Veritas NetBackup Automatic Image Replication and CloudCatalyst features allow me to replicate deduped backup images from one site to a remote site, as well as duplicating deduped images to the Cloud i.

AWS S3, etc. We were evaluating other products and getting confused between Commvault and Veritas NetBackup. The one reason that we started with Veritas NetBackup is the pricing of the license. There's no other reason from a technical perspective or even operation or capability of the two software.

The main reason we chose Veritas NetBackup was that in our use case it is more cost-effective. This is the best solution that I know of. It saves time for the backup needs of our organization. The most valuable feature is that it is basically a replica of our SAND data. We archive the SAND data for recovery, if there is an issue on the fence.

It is essential. We can't do without it. Its most valuable features are flexibility and reliability. The interface should be more user friendly. The back of virtual machines needs improvement.

I know they're working on it. They're always doing new things but I think they still have a little bit more to do. This solution can be complex and difficult to administer because it supports all of the many platforms, so it would help if they could simplify it. Its competitor, Veeam, includes backup and replication in the same product. I don't know if Commvault has it or not, but they should if they don't.

Support for this product needs to be improved because I have seen a couple of cases where it is taking more than the required time to solve issues. We previously had difficulty with the support being foreign.

The setup is not that straightforward or easy. Even the documentation is not generic or public like other products. You have to be a partner or you have to have a specific account and download it from the vendor themselves. You need quite a lot of human resources to maintain a Commvault environment, to keep it operational.

Also, it would be nice to if there were an easier way set up some Commvault components. The licensing packet is confusing. If Veritas could do a better job of clarifying it, that would be helpful. Expanding is difficult because if I want to add, for example, a terabyte of data, then I have to buy a disk shelf and it will cost me a lot.

Maybe they could improve reporting capabilities and predictions. The user interface needs to be improved. In terms of improvements, I think the pricing model could be improved.

They charge you by port, for every port that you have even if you're not using all of them. I would like to be able to create a restore task that can be scheduled so that the same restore action will be performed automatically.

Better integration with non-Microsoft products would be an improvement. This solution would benefit from a more friendly, web-based interface. This product would be improved with the inclusion of a Sandbox feature like Veeam Sandbox. Improvements can be made to the service by providing better and more competitive ratios on data backups.

The functionality for backups is there with Veritas, but I would like to see them optimize and enhance this feature more. Endpoint backup capability is needed. The interface should be improved. I would advise not to use this tool. I think between the licensing issues and the older solution mentality it is not a great solution. Some of the hardware is out of support. Pricing and Cost Advice The price could perhaps be lower as well. In my experience, compared to solutions like Veritas and Veeam, while they do have their technical pluses and minuses, Commvault can save you on average forty percent initially, and then twenty to twenty-five percent annually.

Compared to other competitors and vendors the pricing is fair. There is an evaluation license available to test this solution. The price of this solution is a bit high. It's a good price for the product. We are satisfied with the price of this solution. Veritas licensing is somewhat expensive. They have to decrease the price. I would like to see a better licensing model.

They changed it and it's just horrendous. We are very satisfied with the price of this solution. Veritas Netbackup offers affordable licensing. This is an affordable solution The licensing model is cost-prohibitive as you scale out.

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