Tickets 4 U

tickets 4 u

Seventh, Microsoft can't really rush in and try and buy Nokia because, if they did, there current WP7 licensees would bolt and they would be left with NO new phones until Nokia finally gets around to rolling them out. And, even if they did follow this course, it would still turn WP7 into an also ran and give HP a shot to jump into the first tier on their own.

What they are getting is scale and a worldwide partner who knows phones and carriers. The problem companies are having competing with Apple right now is that Apple is emptying the supply chain and able to command rock bottom prices due to their commanding presence.

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With cheap price Tickets 4 u

I bought Metallica concert tickets from Tickets4u. I called the merchant several times - and sent several emails - in the past month trying to understand why I haven't gotten my concert tickets.

It's especially important for me to know the status since my sister and I were going to book flights to Amsterdam. They kept telling me that my transaction is not "correct". They pretended that my bank emailed them to tell them that my transaction is not "correct". However, 1 I called my bank to see if this is true, and my bank told me that they never contacted this merchant, since I never filed a case yet with them, and even if I did file a case, they aren't supposed to interact with the merchant but rather directly with Mastercard, and 2 I see clearly from my bank statement that the EUR My bank also confirmed this.

I just spoke with the merchant again today, hoping that they will finally send me my concert tickets after all my attempts at giving them a second chance. However, apart from being very rude to me on the phone, they continue to insist that my transaction is not "correct" and that I need to pay again online before they will address me. They even said, in their own words, that "this is the last time we will talk to you". They were very rude, and would never give me a straight answer on why my transaction is not "correct" even after several phone calls.

The calls are always picked up by the same two people - 1 man and 1 woman, both with Dutch accents. At this point, I clearly stated that I will proceed with filing a chargeback case with my bank. They continued to be rude and refused to send me my tickets. A minute later, I received an email with a fake "delivery of concert tickets" - with a link to the tickets that does not work leading to an error page , and that obviously does not have concert tickets!!!

Obviously an attempt to get more time, to keep me from filing a chargeback case, and hoping that I will, in time, forget about all of this. I wish I can forget about all of this. But this is way too much money, and too much disappointment, to forget. I will be working with legal authorities in Berlin to make sure that this business gets shut down. No other customer should ever get this awful experience.

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