How to get Windows 10's dark theme

theme dark windows 10

OldNewExplorer After Downloading them, you can use the official guide which is given at theme download page to install the Nocturnal W10 theme. After downloading the theme, you have to install font named Sans Semibold. This is one of the best Windows 10 Dark Themes. Do give it a try. This theme is the arguably the most complex to install.

Feb 14, - After a couple of years of waiting, Windows 10 now offers a native dark theme mode. You'll also find plenty of third-party dark themes out there;. Sep 5, - The use of dark themes or dark modes can help reduce eye strain so why not invert colors in Windows? Learn how to set up the Windows Black Theme. Do you find the color black boring? There are some people who think that black can be a scary color probably because this is one color often.

11* Best Windows 10 Dark Themes 2019

10 Best Dark Themes for Windows 10 | Mashtips

I know that many of you including me want a more mysterious look than usual Windows I mean the light theme is excellent and all but not my taste. So, if you want to transform your Windows 10 to give a darker look entirely, then you should probably read on. There are two ways you can get a wicked theme in Windows First one is to switch on the dark mode of windows

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