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What this means in the context of servers is that Microsoft was losing money on larger consumers. To combat the issue, Microsoft has switched to per-core licensing. Every Windows Server copy will license up to two physical processor cores. The tech giant has set a minimum purchase requirement for each physical server. So, for the processors that have 24 cores, 12 copies of Windows Server are mandatory to license it either as a host or as a server.

Are they the IRS or what? However, the reality is that the company has lowered the per-server cost so that the minimum purchase in the new Windows Server edition costs you the same as a single copy of Windows Server R2 Datacenter edition.

The only inconvenience you might face is the logistics of the purchase, which have become somewhat complicated. Virtualization Hosts are licensed by customers to cover the maximum number of possible Windows Server virtual machines that can run on that host. In the iteration of Windows Server , the rules remain almost the same, at least when it comes to the advantages you get from the Datacenter editions.

The only change is in the Standard edition, and that too is simply minor. Rather, you get access to two VOSEs for every fully licensed host. It can be deployed using either edition of Windows Server , but in order to be supported during production, one requires Software Assurance attached to the licensing of the physical server. No, you do not need rubber cement to attach these two together.

Not necessary! Microsoft is in the habit of releasing updates via different branches, like previews, long-term servicing branch, current branch, and current branch for business. This post will provide you with a step-by-step process to help determine your need. Here are some questions you may be asking: Step 1: Decide whether you need Standard or Datacenter. Do you need the advanced features of Datacenter? Do you need to run 13 or more Windows Server VMs on this host?

Step 2: Figure out how many core licenses you need. Here are some simple equations to use … For the Datacenter version, you get an unlimited number of VMs so the equation is simple: If you move VMs around your server farm, you have to be careful here: Since Microsoft sells core licenses of Windows Server in packs of two, you have to cut your total in half to make sure your reseller is quoting the right amount.

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Because processors always have an even number of cores, licenses are sold in two-core packs. To run Windows Server , you need to purchase licenses for a minimum of 16 cores, per two physical processors. This translates to you needing to purchase a minimum of 8x two-core packs for every two physical processors in your server. This is the equivalent of a regular standard Windows Server R2 license. Simple, right?


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