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Hey, hey! The Mefi Mall is open for ; browse member shops and add your own! May 24, What was the experience like? Is there a good reason to go elsewhere? We are looking to replace 14 windows in our house - pricey, I know. We have consultations coming up with representatives from Lowe's and Home Depot.

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Enter your zip code Home Depot Window Brands Available Although Home Depot offers over thirty windows brands in their retail stores, they have chosen four select brands to use in the home installation service: VantagePointe by Simonton Windows Simonton Windows —one of the most trusted replacement window manufacturers in the US—have created a line of windows exclusively for Home Depot customers: For ease of use, both sashes are operational and can be locked into the open position. Both window sashes can be tilted into the home for cleaning.

Known for their durability and weather resistance, these windows can be relied on to last for years after installation. The Series windows are priced a bit higher, but with a quality guaranteed to match the price.

The streamlined design of these windows includes a large pane of glass with a maximum view of the outdoors. In addition to their affordability, these windows are energy efficient and have interlocking rails, which provide an improved resistance to weather and air leaks. Together with Home Depot, they have created a line of affordable and high-quality replacement windows which are exclusive to the Home Depot window installation program. A-Series- With the help of leading window architects, Andersen created the windows in this series to be customizable to fit the architectural style of your home.

The six available interior wood species can be factory stained or painted to fit the look of your home. Additionally, these windows can be further customized with decorative exterior trim, grilles, and hardware.

Engineered to meet the energy efficiency needs of any climate, these windows are incredibly resistant to weather and are guaranteed to protect your home from the outdoor environment. Choose from natural pine or prefinished white interiors, as well as various designs and added accessories when you purchase from Home Depot. Homeowners can expect the save on utility bills after installation because of the exceptional energy efficiency of the windows in this line.

Choose from six different exterior colors, which are guaranteed to outlast extreme weather conditions. Each frame is made with 40 percent of reclaimed wood fiber and has a matte finish and cleanly welded corner seams. Together with Home Depot, they have created a line of windows which are thoroughly tested and certified to perform reliably.

All of the windows by American Craftsman are energy efficient and made with durable vinyl which require little to no maintenance. Using fusion-welding for the frame and sash, these windows are known for their weather resistance.

American Craftsman has created an innovative balance system which make the windows in this series easy to open.

Each window is custom sized to fit perfectly as a replacement window. Manufactured with a durable and low-maintenance vinyl, these windows will never need painting. Because of the use of dual weatherstripping and high-quality glass, these windows are weather resistant and energy efficient. Their company finds pride in providing a large selection of customizable windows to homeowners.

With as a many as 21 color exterior color choices, 10 interior choices, and an impressive variety of shapes and sizes, homeowners are sure to find the right window to replace a worn or damaged window in their home.

JELD-WEN Vinyl Windows- Each window is this series was designed for practical use and cleaning with the guarantee of durability and the need for little to no maintenance over the life of the window. Homeowners can select from nine exterior colors, three interior laminate colors, as well as various shapes, operational designs, and sizes, making them the perfect option for both replacement and new construction projects. Each window has been engineered to be secure and airtight. Homeowners can choose from ten frame colors and the addition of energy efficient, insulation glass to increase the efficiency of their windows.

Home Depot Window Installation Warranty Since Home Depot has chosen window brands they trust for their durable, energy efficient, and low-maintenance products, they back these windows with extended warranties.

For hardware and screen, Home Depot provides up to double the Lifetime Warranty. If damage occurs to the hardware or screen as the result of product defect or a mistake made during installation while you still own the home, Home Depot will cover the replacement of the product. Select products are available for a Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty which is a transferable warranty on the installation of the windows for up to 25 years.

Customers may have the option to extend their warranty to cover accidental breakage of their glass. Because Home Depot offers a wide selection of windows brands, they work hand-in-hand with manufacturers to create warranties their customers can trust.

Warranties vary from product to product and exclusions may apply, so carefully examine the warranty of a product before purchasing. Home Depot Window Financing Home Depot understands the cost of replacing windows can be expensive and sometimes unexpected.

Because of this, they offer all of their customers the option of financing their purchases with a Home Depot credit card. Home Depot does not currently offer any rebates on windows purchases as part of an installation package. Throughout the year, Home Depot will spotlight specific installation services from doors to toilets to windows.

We suggest closely watching the offers section of their website for window installation specials if you are anticipating a window replacement in the near future. In general, August is believed the be the best time to purchase new windows. Because families are distracted by the changing season and preparing their children to return to school, businesses often notice their sale drop during this time of year.

To counteract this, they offer deeper discounts on windows during the month of August. Ready to get free quotes from local contractors? Get started.


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