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Premiere Elements 8 discount price

Film will only become art when its materials are as inexpensive as pencil and paper. Or, if your goals are little less lofty, you can chronicle family events, show off on YouTube, or produce a video project for school.

Making motion pictures still costs more than pencil and paper, but it gets cheaper every day. Somewhere, Jean Cocteau is smiling. For many, video is a communication tool just like pencil and paper—or like a word processor. Computers and the Internet make communicating via video quick and easy. Premiere Elements is the tool you use to do everything except capture the pictures.

It moves videos from your camcorder to your computer, helps you find the best shots, and assembles them into a story. About This Book Premiere Elements 8: The Missing Manual is divided into four parts, each containing several chapters. The Missing Manual: Part One: Start a New Project shows you how to gather all the elements you need for your movie—video clips, songs, sound effects, and still photos.

You can attach keywords and rank clips by quality and content, along with several other sanity-saving strategies. Part Two: Create Your Movie focuses on what most people think of as video editing.

You learn how to trim your raw footage to just the parts that tell your story and then build your movie clip by clip. Need background music or the sound of a car crash? Part Three: Share Your Movie is all about showing your movie to an audience. It starts off with a brief background on video formats and then tells you how to use presets to export your finished film.

All the details are here for uploading your movies to YouTube or any other website, saving them to DVD or Blu-ray disc, or putting them on your iPod Touch, iPhone, or other handheld gadget. Part Four: Appendixes are reference guides. Why Premiere Elements? Video editing is a lot like that. So, job number one for Premiere Elements is to help you find your good shots. Its next job is to make the good shots look even better. That includes everything from correcting picture problems to adding transitions, special effects, and titles.

Premiere Elements handles that, too. It may be Windows Movie Maker, or it may have come on a disc with your camcorder. These programs are kind of like bikes with training wheels—they get you where you want to go, but you feel a little hobbled along the way.

Pro programs cost a fortune, require serious computer horsepower, and come with a steep learning curve. Premiere Elements sits comfortably between the two. Premiere Elements has a split personality. Use one set of tools, like InstantMovie or sceneline editing, and you can whip a movie together in no time. You build your own effects with multiple layers of video and sound, and use keyframes to control the exact timing of special effects, motion effects, sound effects, and the soundtrack.

What You Can Do with Premiere Elements Using the aforementioned pencil and paper, you can create documents as diverse as a play, a financial report, and a shopping list. You get the same diversity with video and Premiere Elements.

Someone in your family may capture weddings and birthday parties, while another family member might carry on video correspondence with far-flung friends.

Musicians can capture rehearsals and concerts and then, with Premiere Elements, turn them into their own MTV-style music videos. Training videos, podcasts, school projects—video communication can take an unlimited number of forms.

These days, a video-editing program does a whole lot more than assemble video clips in sequence. Here are a few of the chores Premiere Elements handles for you: Move video clips from your camcorder to your computer.

In the past, this very first step often resulted in computer-crash frustration. Collect and import still photos, graphic art, music, and other media. Movies are made up of more than just raw video clips. Organize your media clips. After two or three years of shooting video and making movies, keeping track of all that stuff becomes a major job.

Premiere Elements gives you the tools to find that needle in the haystack. Protect your media clips. No matter how you use clips, Premiere Elements protects your originals. Analyze video clips to separate the good parts from the bad. Oh yeah, it can point out some of the good stuff, too. Find video with people. Is there a face in that clip? If so, Premiere Elements can tag it, which means you can find it faster. Assemble video clips into a single movie. Add transitions. You can apply dozens of different transitions to your movies.

Add special video and audio effects. Some effects fix less-than-perfect media clips; others are there to dazzle the senses. Create picture-in-picture video. Just ask the producers of the TV drama Add and balance music, narration, and sound effects.

Premiere Elements can automatically balance the sounds you add to your movie, or you can go in and fine-tune it yourself. Convert your movie to different video formats. It seems that every website, handheld device, and disc format wants a different type of video file. Share your movie with the world. Elements Organizer. In the past, you organized your media clips on a panel inside of Premiere Elements. Now, you use Elements Organizer.

The idea is you can manage, tag, and organize all your media—video, audio, and stills—with a single program. The Auto-Analyzer also divides long clips into scenes.

You can have this utility run in the background—a sort of set-it-and-forget-it option—or you can run it manually when you need it. Auto Rendering. Premiere Elements imports a variety of video formats. In those cases, Premiere Elements smoothes them out without any effort on your part. Effects Masking. You have lots of options when it comes to special effects. The latest gee-whiz feature is the ability to apply a special effect to just a portion of a video image.

Face Tracking. Want to identify someone in a picture by name? You can create a label and have that label follow the person around your video as you edit. Smart Mixing. With Smart Mixing, all you have to do is tell Premiere Elements what should be in the foreground and what should be in the background. Smart Mixing controls the audio levels so that all the sounds are balanced.

Additional Project and Sharing Presets. Because Adobe has done your homework for you. A single preset takes care of all the settings for frame sizes, frame rates, aspect ratios, codec selection, and a bunch of other technical details. Presets have been in Premiere Elements for a while. Version 8 includes new ones for some of the newer camcorders and sharing options. These two programs are both consumer versions of professional products.

If your video project uses still photos that need a little tweaking and retouching, Photoshop Elements is the perfect tool for the job. Seriously, Photoshop Elements is pretty smart when it comes to your video projects. Both Elements programs use Elements Organizer to manage video, audio, and photos. The very first version of Adobe Premiere arrived for the Macintosh in In contrast, Premiere Elements first appeared in


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