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Jan 8, - Mathcad, from PTC, is one of my favorite computer math systems. It's one of those PTC has just released a version of the software, called Mathcad Express, that is free. Free, as in “free Design World Online · The Robot. Jul 13, - The Mathcad Help Center for your favorite engineering math software is now available online for free without any need to have an account. Mathcad is engineering calculation software that drives innovation and offers significant process SMath Studio - is a math program with 'paper'-like interface and numerous computing features. Online math solver, equation editor and database, graphing calculator and science.

Summations, products and iteration. Trigonometric, hyperbolic, exponential and Bessel functions. Fast Fourier transformation, both one and two dimensional.

User-defined functions. Vectors and matrices, including operation for matrix multiplication, matrix inverse, tranpose, determinant, dot and cross product. Mathematical expressions in Mathcad look the way you would see them in a textbook or a reference book. The only difference is that Mathcad's equations and graphs are live, which means Mathcad recalculates the math and redraws the graphs every time you change any data, variable, or equation in a worksheet. This feature in Mathcad is called "Live Document Interface".

In addition to the Live Document Interface, another important feature that sets Mathcad apart from other technical computing tools is its built-in support for units. Mathcad can handle unit conversion automatically within a worksheet. Therefore, the technical documents prepared using Mathcad can be easily understood and verified by others.

In addition, using Mathcad in your work can relieve you from tedious and repetitive design calculations, eliminate arithmetic errors, and produce quality design calculations. In this lesson, you will learn the basic features of Mathcad and two Mathcad applications in the real-world of the engineering analysis.

To learn the basic features of Mathcad, you need to purchase a copy of Mathcad from Mathcad. Learning Objective At the conclusion of this course, the student will: Be familiar with the interface, graphics, text and computational features of Mathcad Prime; Be able to perform engineering calculations using Mathcad Prime; Be able to minimize calculation errors; and Be able to produce quality engineering documentations.

Course Introduction At the time of its first release in , Mathcad by MathSoft was the first computer software to introduce live editing typeset mathematical notation, automatic computation and engineering unit error checking. Since then, Mathcad has gone through many upgrades and improvements, and has become a valuable technical computing tool for engineers and architects. The following year PTC released Mathcad Mathcad After Mathcad Worksheets from earlier versions of Mathcad cannot be opened directly into Mathcad Prime 2.

The converter requires Mathcad Course Content Mathcad provides a rich problem-solving environment that gives you a wide variety of analysis and visualization tools. Unlike other technical software, Mathcad does math the same way you do. That is because it looks and works like a scratchpad and pencil. Mathcad's on-screen interface is a blank worksheet on which you can enter equations, graph data or functions, and annotate with text - anywhere on the worksheet.

Some of the important computational features of Mathcad for engineering applications are: Built-in units of measurement and dimension checking. Built-in solver for simultaneous equations and inequalities.

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Introduction to Mathcad Prime Course Description Mathcad is a powerful tool for solving and visualizing mathematical and engineering problems. Its flexible calculation and documentation environment is recognized as the easiest to use GUI-based math software to document and compute an engineering problem with mathematical notation. As the second generation of Mathcad, Mathcad Prime is more intuitive and easier to use than its predecessor. It provides verification, validation, documentation and re-use of engineering calculations. In this lesson, you will learn the new features and functions of Mathcad Prime, including ribbon-style interface, symbolic processors and spec tables. This course includes a multiple choice quiz at the end.

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