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Those five characters, whatever they may be, are the final five characters of your valid Office or Office product key. The characters prior to that sentence are not your product key. Belarc Advisor isn't capable of finding the entire Office product key for these versions because it does not exist on your computer, unlike with previous versions of Office. Now that you have the final part of your MS Office key, you can search your email and computer for that string of characters, hopefully surfacing any digital documentation you still have on your purchase.

Obviously, that trick isn't helpful if you don't have a digital paper trail of your Office purchase, but it's worth the trouble if you might. View Your Office or Key on Your Office Account Page If you previously registered and activated your copy of Microsoft Office or , you'll be happy to know that Microsoft has stored for you, and will show you, your original product key.

Here's what you need to do to view it: Tap or click the Install from a disc. Depending on how you bought the software, and if you've installed Microsoft Office already, you may not need to know or enter your product key at all. Just tap or click the Install button instead and follow the instructions given. On the page that loads next, tap or click I have a disc, followed by View your product key. No need to repeat all of this again next time you need it!

Contact Microsoft for a Replacement Office Product Key Another option, that you may or may not have the most luck with, is to contact Microsoft directly to ask for a replacement key. Microsoft obviously isn't going to just trust that you bought MS Office and read you a valid product key over the phone.

Skype for Business includes the Audio Conferencing feature for just this situation! People can call into Skype for Business meetings using a phone, instead of using the Skype for Business app on a mobile device or PC.

You only need to set up audio conferencing for people who plan to schedule or lead meetings. Meeting attendees who call in to the meeting don't need any licenses assigned to them and don't need other setup. Zie voor info over prijzen, Prijzen voor Audiovergadering. For pricing info, see Pricing for Audio Conferencing. Stap 1: Koop en Audio Conferencing licenties toewijzenStep 1: Buy and assign Audio Conferencing licenses U moet een admin-rollen over Office u deze stappen uitvoert.

You must be an About Office admin roles to perform these steps. Om Audiovergadering-licenties te kopen en toe te wijzen: To buy and assign user Audio Conferencing licenses: Countries and region availability for Audio Conferencing and Calling Plans. Get your Audio Conferencing licenses. If you want to: Try it before you buy it, you can sign up for an Office Enterprise E5 free trial that includes Audio Conferencing. See Office Enterprise E5 Trial. Licenties toewijzen of intrekken voor Office voor Bedrijven aan de personen in uw organisatie die vergaderingen gaan plannen of voorzitten.

Assign or remove licenses for Office for business you purchased to the people in your organization who are going to schedule or lead meetings. If you purchased audio conferencing add-on licenses and Communications Credits licenses, assign them too.

Choose to receive a text or a call, enter your phone number, then choose Text me or Call me. Enter the verification code, then select Start your free trial. On the Check out page, select Try now. On the order receipt page, select continue.

Not using the new admin center yet? If you have new admin center turned off, watch the following video to sign up for a trial Microsoft subscription. Use the old admin center to try or buy a subscription Sign in to the admin center at https: Select the ellipses under the Microsoft plan that you want to try or buy, and then select Start free trial, which gives you 25 user licenses for a one-month term, or you can select Buy now.

Next steps After you get the new subscription, you have to assign a license to the users who will use that subscription.

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