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That's a shame, because sailboat racing is as thrilling, dynamic, and suspenseful as any sport around-if you're down there on the water with the boats, that is. And starting with the 2013 America's Cup, to be held this month in San Francisco, you will be there, virtually speaking. You'll be able to monitor the events live on TV and on your mobile devices.

You'll see the spray flying off the bow of a big racing catamaran as its crew scrambles to make high-speed maneuvers in a stiff wind. You'll see the world's top sailors grappling to control powerful vessels driven by sail-like vertical wings, 12 stories high. You'll also see perspectives and information never before available to spectators: the tracks of the boats through the water, course boundaries, penalties issued, wind direction, speed, and other things that significantly affect the outcome of the race.

Automatic tracking systems on each yacht will constantly feed position data to high-performance PCs on shore.


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