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buy software online

These include comparison shopping search engines, coupon code databases and sites that offer educational discounts on software to students and parents. Finding Software Deals on the Internet — Tips 1. Always do comparison shopping keep reading to learn about sites that offer comparison shopping for software. Always remember to check extras like free shipping; this can turn one deal better than the other one even though it may look the opposite way when you look just at the price of the software. Many companies regularly post deals and offers through these channels so you can be the first one to find about new deals. Make sure to purchase upgrade versions if you are eligible.


With B2B Store E-Commerce, your dealers and customers can instantly view all the information about your products and stock status instantly, and give their orders quickly from your online store.

With B2B Store E-Commerce, you can easily manage all of your product details, stocks and deposits, and manage your orders easily. Save time with easy cargo tracking. B2B Store E-Commerce, with full accounting integration, unique product and feature, enhanced customer support, provides a perfect online shopping experience for your dealers and customers.

Quickly reach your targeted sales figures by designing customized campaigns for your products, dealers or customers with a customized campaign system tailored to your B2B needs. With B2B Store's superior field management system, you can assign special dealers and customer groups to your customer representatives and only let them communicate with the customers you specify.

With its talented control system and reporting tools, you can efficiently manage the workload of your field teams and easily measure their performance. Increase both the performance of your field teams and the satisfaction of your dealers and customers with B2B Store Field Sales.

By using the comprehensive applications of B2B Store E-Payment and the installments of the banks, you are instantly transferring to the systems of the campaigns and installment rates specially offered by the banks. B2B Store E-Payment payment processes accelerate with reliable payment solutions. Your payment operations will be easier. Thanks to the high level integration capability of B2B Store E-Payment, it fully controls your payments and current accounts with accounting programs.

An integrated system developed to reduce your workload, gain time and keep track of your product control professionally transfers the operation of all your data and systems to B2B Store E-Payment in a safe and secure way. With SSL security, 3D-Secure support and superior technology, it offers speed and simplicity without sacrificing security. As well as offering special loyalty to all customers or dealers, you can also offer specific discounts, campaigns and sales opportunities for specific groups you will create.

With B2B Loyalty Management you can create promotions that set your conditions, organize special campaigns for product and customer categories, give your customers exclusive bonuses or create coupons for your shopping gestures. Gain the loyalty of your customers and franchisees by increasing your reach with superior campaign fictions. Make your payments operations easier.

Reduce your workload with B2B Store, save time and lower your operating costs. Increase your profitability.

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