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Graeme's sole focus is to develop and deliver the creative content and social media that demonstrate the value that IBM's products and services provide to communications companies around the world so they can build a smarter planet.

Currently, Graeme is the Senior Manager and Content Marketer of the Communications Sector for IBM Analytics where he manages an agile team responsible all content in the communications sector. Big Data Expert Resource: Santa's secret solutions for gaining insights on the most important night of the year After years of working with CRM and the 360 degrees view of the customer, Gregory came to realize how little an enterprise actually knows about its customers.

He soon became intrigued and obsessed in using technology for automated extraction of this knowledge. Gregory enjoys helping companies to listen to the customer's voice and translate it into tangible business results by helpign them to create more desirable products and services, lower cost of marketing, and optimizing customer support.

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From this point on, when you purchase this software you also get access to these other products in the form of specialised toolsets like: Note that the installation process remains unchanged, you will have to go about acquiring these toolsets in a manner similar to when they were treated as products. AutoCAD One just happens to be the most exciting update. You will also be able to find a much more modern and sophisticated approach to the User Interface UI. For example, one such change is the switch from gradients to flat design language.


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