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So a central Azure admin team would be granted rights at the default root management group, a division admin might be granted rights on a mid-level management group, and a dev might be given rights at a bottom-level management group. Once you are in Details settings for a management group, click on Access Control IAM and you can grant permissions here. Azure Policy You can create a new Azure Policy and save it to a management group. Microsoft recommends that custom policy definitions are saved at a level higher than what you intend to assign it.

The safe approach might be to save your custom policy definitions and initiative definitions at the root management group, and then assign them wherever they are required. Note that, just like permissions, any assigned initiative recommended for easier ownership or policy not recommended due to ownership scaling issues will be inherited.

So if my organization requires Security Center to be enabled and OMS agents to be deployed for every VM, I can create a single initiative, stored at the root management group, and assign it to the root management group, and every VM in every subscription in the management group hierarchy will pick up this set of policies.

Be careful before you do this! The delegated permissions and policies of the hierarchy will be applied to your subscriptions, and this might break existing deployments, administrative models, or governance policies. Be sure to build this stuff up in the management group hierarchy first.

Click Add Existing to add a subscription as a member of this management group. This is also how you can convert an existing management group into a child of this management group. A pop-up blade appears. You can select the member object type subscription or another management group. In this case, I selected a subscription.

The subscription will be registered in the management group hierarchy. You have only a single subscription — just do your work at the subscription level unless you want to scale to lots of subscriptions later.

If you have a complex organisation with lots of subscriptions in a single tenant, then management groups will be of huge value for setting up your RBAC model and Azure Policy governance at the organisational and subscription levels. Did you Find This Post Useful? If you found this information useful, then imagine what 2 days of training might mean to you.

You can learn more here. For dynamic membership, you can use the rule builder to select options for a simple rule or write a membership rule yourself.

The following steps are an example of changing a group from static to dynamic membership for a group of users. On the Properties page for your selected group, select a Membership type of Dynamic User, then select Yes on the dialog explaining the changes to the group membership to continue. Select Add dynamic query, and then provide the rule. After creating the rule, select Add query at the bottom of the page.

Select Save on the Properties page for the group to save your changes. The Membership type of the group is immediately updated in the group list. Tip Group conversion might fail if the membership rule you entered was incorrect. A notification is displayed in the upper-right hand corner of the portal that it contains an explanation of why the rule can't be accepted by the system.

Read it carefully to understand how you can adjust the rule to make it valid. For examples of rule syntax and a complete list of the supported properties, operators, and values for a membership rule, see Dynamic membership rules for groups in Azure Active Directory. You can install the preview from the PowerShell Gallery.

Here is an example of functions that switch membership management on an existing group. In this example, care is taken to correctly manipulate the GroupTypes property and preserve any values that are unrelated to dynamic membership.

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