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Regular Route: Linkage Route: Practitioners Route: This route employs a flexible and blending learning approach and affords candidates who go through it to graduate with three 3 qualifications simultaneously i. Certification Route:


The big advantage for acib partner organisations is the possibility to translate scientific results into concrete processes and product by using scientific know-how, academic infrastructure or industrial networks. Our platform offers tailor-made solutions for our stakeholders from Academia , Industry and Investors. When we think of the personal protective equipment for work safety such as mechanically robust and fire resistant clothes, it makes sense that they also have an expiration date.

But that does not mean that also the ingredients have lost their functionality. Usually, these compounds have been produced with considerable energy effort, thus, it reasonable to find an efficient recycling method.

The Lump Sum Pilot — virtue or curse? A new development in the European framework programs for research and innovation is catching attention: First implementations are in progress already in Horizon and intensified for the next framework program Horizon Europe.

What does it mean for the research community and which changes do we expect? When biotechnologists follow their noses It is grey, waxy, smelly and very expensive: Ambra, the worlds rarest organic substance, could only be found in the digestive tract of sperm whales. The compound is highly sought after by the perfume industry due to its fragrance fixative properties and distinctive aroma. Biotechnologists found a new biosynthetic pathway to produce the precursor of Ambra, names Ambrein, exactly as it occurs in nature.

The findings could revolutionize the perfume industry by making different products eco-friendly. How microbiome studies can provide the basis to reduce food waste Plants, which are the primary source of food and animal feed, are not only affected by diseases during their growth but also following harvest and subsequent storage.

Especially fungi that can efficiently degrade organic matter cause substantial losses of this valuable resource. Such losses can be prevented if adequate countermeasures are implemented. A recent study demonstrates how microbial markers can be used for the early detection of disease progression.

Reliable biomarkers can be specifically targeted in the future to reduce food waste and to improve the storability of agricultural goods. The orchestra of yeast and its fragrance show Enzymes are playing the first violin, the cell is hosting a perfectly coordinated orchestra and reserachers are the composers? Instead of sounds they produce fragrances? Our musical thought experiment demonstrates the complex production processes of biotechnology with aromatics as an example.

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